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Nieuwe Samenwerkingsvormen. Van den Akker, J. London: Routledge. Design-centric research-practice partnerships: Three key lenses for building productive bridges between theory and practice. Spector, B. Childress Eds. London: Springer. Roles and competencies of educational design researchers: One framework and seven guidelines. Learning, design, and technology. Voogt, G. Knezek, R. Lai Eds. International handbook of information technology in primary and secondary education, 2nd Edition pp.

Pauw, I. Ontwerpgericht onderzoek op de lerarenopleiding. Willemse Eds. Kennisbasis voor Lerarenopleiders - Katern 5: Onderzoek in de lerarenopleidingen , pp. Extended teams in vocational education: Collaboration on the border. Pieters Eds. Teacher learning through teacher teams. Design Methods for TEL. Duval, M. Sutherland Eds. Technology enhanced learning: Research themes pp. Design talk in teacher teams: What happens during the collaborative design of ICT-rich material for early literacy learning?

Branch Eds. Educational media and technology yearbook, Volume 40 pp. Evans, M. Sawyer Eds. Reflections on the Learning Sciences pp. New York: Cambridge University Press. Designing technology enhanced learning for actual use in diverse settings. Croft Eds. The art and science of learning design pp. Rotterdam: Sense. Educational design and construction: Processes and technologies. Maina Eds. The architecture of ubiquitous learning: Designs for emerging pedagogies pp.

Heidelberg, Germany: Springer Verlag. Exploring teacher roles and pupil outcomes in technology-rich early literacy learning. Orey, S. Educational Media and Technology Yearbook Volume 39 pp. Design-based research. Spector Ed. As Early as Possible. Soriano Ed. Inclusive Education in Europe: Putting theory into practice. Reflections from Researchers on the International Conference.

Spector, M. Bischop Eds. Handbook of Research on Educational Communications Technology, pp. Electronic performance support for curriculum materials developers: A design research project in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Nieveen Eds. Enschede, the Netherlands: SLO. Computer-assisted language learning and design-based research: Increased complexity for sure, enhanced impact perhaps. Pardo-Ballester Eds. San Marcos, Texas: Calico. Experiential learning and cognitive tools: The impact of simulations on conceptual change in continuing healthcare education. Lockee, S. Herring Eds. Information Technology Tools for Curriculum Development. Knezek Eds. International Handbook of Information Technology in Education pp. Early childhood education in the Netherlands: The first steps. Using information and communication technology for teacher learning and curriculum development in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Treagust Eds. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. Introduction to educational design research. Van den Akker, K. Gravemeijer, S. Design research from the curriculum perspective. Nieveen, N. Educational design research: Discussion in review. Recent conference contributions. Partnership design and relationship building: Views of key stakeholders. September , the Hague, the Netherlands.

Paper presentation at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences. June , London. Van der Linden, S.

Video coaching: Wat weten we uit de literatuur? June , Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Toerusting van aankomende leraren om interdisciplinair project onderwijs te ontwikkelen [Supporting preservice teachers in the development of interdisciplinary project-based learning]. Senior university teaching qualification via engineering education research and design.

Presentation at the annual SEFI conference. September Azores, Portugal. Reflections on the paper set. Voogt Chair Curriculumontwerp in het hoger beroepsonderwijs. Naar praktische en effectieve videoclub routines voor leraren in opleiding [Towards practical and efective videoclub routines in teacher education]. Effectieve Docentontwikkelteams: Evaluatie van een vernieuwde werkwijze [Effective teacher design teams: Evaluation of an innovative approach]. Gast, I. Leerlingen leren hun antwoorden inhoudelijk beter te formuleren bij biologie: Opbrengsten van een Lesson Study cyclus [Students learn to formulate biology answers better: Results from a lesson study cycle].

Academic Writing. Pareja Roblijn, N. Perspectieven op samenwerking onderzoek en onderwijspraktijk. McKenney Chair Leren van onderzoek over E-didactiek: de opbrengsten van de samenwerking tussen onderzoekers en lerarenopleiders. March , Amsterdam. Balancing shared and vertical leadership: Evaluating a model that supports team coaches to lead teacher design teams.

Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement. January , Ottawa. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the International Society for Design and Development in Education. September , Utrecht. Bernstein, D. Infrastructuring Multi-Site Learning: How do educational designers and developers design for cross-context, participatory and principled design in education?

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Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the International Society for Design and Development in Education. Looi, J. Polman, U. Reimann Eds. Singapore: International Society of the Learning Sciences. The effects of coaching on the teaching and learning of English in Indian government schools. Penuel, W. Organizing design-based implementation research in research-practice partnerships. Van Merrienboer, J. Ontwerpgericht onderzoek in de master: Hoe faciliteren we dat? Het ontwerpen van ICT-rijke curricula voor jong volwassenen.

Discussie: Participatief ontwerpen van de fysieke leeromgeving en de invloed van het schoolgebouw op het leren. Developing a model that supports team coaches to lead Teacher Design Teams in an effective way. February , Brussels. Towards teachers' technology competencies for early literacy: A research-informed and feasible approach. Presentation at the SITE annual meeting. Interative poster symposium at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

April Chicago. Poster presented in Y. Kali, O. Sagy, J. Onderwijstechnologie in actie: Over de rol van materialiteit in onderwijsleerprocessen. Paper presentation during the annual meeting of Onderwijs Research Dagen. June Leiden. Docentontwerpteams: Hoe werken ze niet en waarom?

Interactive paper symposium during the annual meeting of Onderwijs Research Dagen. Design researcher learning through and for collaboration with practitioners. Paper presented at the bi-annual meeting of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. August , Cyrprus. Shifts in funding for science curriculum design and their unintended consequences. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Society for Design and Development in Education. September Boulder. Extended teams in vocational education: Slow starters but worth the wait.

Paper presentation at the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in education and professional practice. November , Luxembourg. Workshop presented at the Welten conference on learning, teaching and technology: Theory and practice. November 7, Eindhoven. Design dimensions: In-depth retrospective studies of K science curriculum design.

September October 2: Cambridge, UK. Designing for scale: The landscape of science education curriculum design efforts in the United States. Teachers as designers of Technology enhanced learning. Teacher design knowledge for technology enhanced learning: A framework for investigating assets and needs. Taking ISLS findings to public debate. Bron, R. Teamleren van docenten in het hoger onderwijs [Team learning of teachers in higher education]. Belo, N. ICT en de ontwikkeling van beginnende geletterdheid bij kleuters: Richtlijnen voor het PABO curriculum [Technology and the development of early litearcy in kindergarten: Guidelines for teacher education].

Extended teams in het beroepsonderwijs: Samenwerken op de grens [Extended teams in vocational education: Collaborating where borders meet]. Paper presentation in J. Voogt Chair , Ontwerpen en onderzoeken in docententeams [Design and research in teacher teams]. Teachers conversations during design of technology rich curriculum activities for early literacy. Towards a knowledge base for using ICT to foster early literacy development: A review study. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. August , Munich.

Huang, R. The roles of electronic books in the transformation of learning and instruction. Chen, R. Huang, Kinshuk, Y. Li, D. Sampson Eds. Boxtel, C. Curriculumonderzoek en de bijdrage aan onderwijspraktijk en -beleid. Extended teams in het beroepsonderwijs: Samen uit, samen thuis? Hoe draagt het ontwerp van een ICT-rijke leeromgeveing bij aan het professioneel ontwikkeling van docenten? ICT en de ontwikkeling van beginnende geletterdheid bij kleuters: Een Delphi-studie naar de benodigde kennisbasis voor leraren.

Paper for the Alpine Rendezvous Workshop on Teacher-led inquiry and learning design. Understanding the design research process: The evolution of computer-based support for curriculum development in southern Africa. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. April May 1, San Francisco. Design research in early literacy within the zone of proximal implementation. Thompson, M. A framework for studying teacher learning by design.

Leerkrachten als ontwerpers van een ICT-rijke leeromgeving voor beginnende geletterdheid: onderzoek naar het proces van gezamenlijke besluitvorming. Part one of this updated volume, "Trends and Issues in Learning, Design and Technology," presents an array of chapters that develop some of the current themes listed above, in addition to others.

In Part Two, "Leadership Profiles," authors provide biographical sketches of the careers of instructional technology leaders. Part Three, "Organizations and Associations in North America," and Part Four, "Worldwide List of Graduate Programs in Learning, Design, Technology, Information or Libraries," are, respectively, directories of instructional technology-related organizations and institutions of higher learning offering degrees in related fields. Finally, Part Five, the "Mediagraphy," presents an annotated listing of selected current publications related to the field.

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