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But four decades on, what really happened in Room still remains unclear. The boy born John Simon Ritchie in Lewisham was only 21 when he died. She had died of a stab wound to the abdomen on 12 October Their outlaw image has been reproduced ever since, almost to the point of meaninglessness. His mother was a heroin addict. I feel a bit responsible for his death.

She finally settled in Hackney. Joining the Pistols in gave Vicious an outlet for his anger. The Sex Pistols , a runaway train of engineered chaos and anti-establishment provocation steered by the extremely canny McLaren, allowed Vicious to indulge his every primal instinct for an audience of enraptured teens drawn to his sneering persona.

Accounts of what Vicious was really like vary depending on who you ask. But others who knew him tell a different story. And he was certainly desperately in love with her daughter. And what of Nancy?

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The year-old is usually written off as a destructive junkie, a low-life chancer and a bad influence on everyone she met. Worse, she was a contaminant, importing heroin chic from New York to London when she followed another punk band, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, across the Atlantic. But there is more than a hint of misogyny in such dismissals. She is also now believed to have had an undiagnosed psychiatric condition. Their defiance led them only to a darkened room at the Chelsea Hotel, and a spiral of mutually-assured destruction. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Soon she will be the queen of the entire US of A. Take advantage of this now, as in the future she will have the power of life and death over you. Swimming pools also seem to contain cultural reference to pedophilia according to documentary An Open Secret. This is where it starts to get pretty weird, and I will try to bring in only the most relevant evidence. He also acted as Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton. He is not an elected official, but it is blatant he has substantial influence in American politics. In the emails, you will read this Comet Ping Pong seems to be a hot-spot, serving as a fundraiser location for both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The first suspicious activity is merely its location. Check out the unclassified FBI pedophilia symbology:. Okay, all coincidence so far. First examine Comet Ping Pong:. Weird, but proves nothing. Please refer back to known pedophile symbols. New Besta Logo. This was found on their website. Please look toward the bottom.

These people are hiding in plain sight. Updated Terasol Website. Okay, I know everything continues to be merely conjecture. Tony is a registered lobbyist representing Saudi Arabia , China, among other seedy nations with poor human rights records. Alefantis has multiple pictures of Tony and himself together at different parties and events. Material copyright of Biljana Djurdjevic.

Visit her website if you would like to have nightmares and suffer PTSD from paintings of kids lying face down in ponds. In this painting portraying her trauma, you can see five adults standing in what looks to be a pentagram. Hmm, where else have we heard about a handkerchief with a map recently? She was NOT a featured artist at Comet Ping Pong and was simply brought into this investigation to point out the handkerchief connection. She does not deserve more abuse; please be kind to her and thank her for her courage in exposing these sadistic perverts.

If you are doing it in a different context, in spiritual circles or in private houses or on TV shows, it is not art. Totally normal stuff, guys. More concerning is that she hangs out with arguably the most powerful lobbyist in D.

Talk of the Town

About four years ago, a random baby pops up on his feed. Sure, not too disturbing until you look at this:. Ping pong table in the background…. Should we be concerned James Alefantis is invited to the whitehousechristmasparty to watch a young boy play ping pong with the president?

It gets weirder. Check this degenerate material out:. Notice he even tags Comet Ping Pong as the location? On the left you will see an actual poster used to promote an upcoming band at Comet Ping Pong. Please browse on your own; there is still much to be interpreted. And why is it all ages? Internet searching the band Heavy Breathing returns interesting results.

Fucking creepy. If your child told you they were going to an all ages show by a band named Sex Stains, would you be cool with it or call the police? The picture on the left is art from Comet Pizza. Notice the two people with antlers are holding decapitated heads. What does it mean? The artist of the above piece featured in Comet is Arrington de Dionyso.

Okay so at very best, these are very odd, probably Satanic people.


A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens

Is it a coincidence Clinton Foundation only works in countries that do not issue birth certificates? Sounds like fantasy, but this is fact.

About Glenn Erickson

Look at these posts:. What are they doing? Notice the ping pong table against the wall? It is off record whatever they had done here.

Charles Williams

Knowing all this, it may become more unsettling to see John Podesta has a piece of artwork in his office portraying cannibalism. Another name of interest is Rachel Chandler. She is pictured below with Bill Clinton at what most expect is age She even writes on her Instagram before it went private she was only 14 when pictured with P. Diddy, 17 with Eminem. Now on her Tumblr and Instagram, there are photos of half-naked children. Rachel Tumblr. You have to scroll down about fifty pictures to find it.

This is very disturbing stuff, and I believe any sane citizen can connect these dots and say something very sinister is happening. Within hours, Anon had infiltrated the servers. They have confirmed the coded files able to be viewed but not downloaded are video files. Pong Site is hosted by the same admin that hosts cometpingpong.

They advertise on the Dr. AlertSense Executive Board. This began around the time we discovered two things: 1 the images in Podesta Wikileaks may contain encrypted data through steganography. So far we have not been able to extract the data, but it seems a promising lead.

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Many suspect if extracted, we would find the smoking gun — child porn. Obviously this is just speculation at this point. Some people say there is nothing there. Others say it is nearly impossible to decrypt without the key. Some agency is continually muddying the waters in our platforms.

This reaction alone seems highly suspect. He works for the DOJ and he is also responsible for prosecuting human traffickers. Some of this information is likely lost forever. We had a huge crowd-sourced investigation, like nothing ever undertaken before with hundreds of leads and connections documented, and now most threads are gone. They are definitely trying to silence us, there is no doubt. This was confirmed through her personal Facebook page. We continue her fight. Before being suspended, 0hour had linked to one username saying it was an FBI account. I have not seen confirmation of this yet, though.

Quite frankly, I hope not to. This entire experience has shaken me to the core. We can all stop investigating. Now we can all stop talking about it and my PTSD from this investigation can magically disappear! LOL at admitting your Satanists. We are being bombarded by trolls continually gaslighting the accounts talking about PizzaGate online. Who pays these people?

Only ad hominem attacks, nothing of real merit. Was it FBIAnon helping us out? Please take this knowledge with you when on social media. Go to your local independent media. Go to the church. Angry Christians will unite to make their voices heard. If everybody tells only three people, we can multiply our forces exponentially. The more people that know, the more likely law enforcement will be forced into making arrests. Does that count as solid evidence?

Fox News and NPR join the list of pedophile protectors today. Below is a collective list of MSM which has targeted and completely distorted the facts of our PizzaGate investigation in attempt to slander us as tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists. Once you understand this, and how easily these reporters could have reported facts but instead delivered smear jobs, you will question every article they put out.

We will not forget. We are the media now. I responded with an email address which presents my real name, so if I stop updating soon then RIP me. Feel free to voice opinions on the matter in the comments. Ask a police officer whether lying is indication of guilt. It turns out only one Lovettsville exists and it is in Virginia — only one hour and five minutes away from D.

There are not many farms in this town. The Google Maps description calls the Fazenda Burity a farm, but yet it has photos of a long building with many doors, people dining in an outside gathering area, a pool, and other photos which do not look anything like a farm. Even stranger still, the website listed on Google Maps for this location sends you to a site with a.

Something does not seem right. All those tags just magically happen to be at 1k? Get real. Here it is:. It is cryptic. Friends on the other side, will provide. Many people suspect the supposed gunman yesterday was a false flag meant to be used to scrub PizzaGate from the internet in a way less obvious than the Orwellian route. Why do we think so? Number 2 Just last month, the same Edgar Maddison Welch ran over a year-old with his car.

Take all these odd circumstances into consideration, and you still may not be convinced. The biggest thing that sealed the deal in my mind is the reaction by the mainstream media. Later at night, I began to see a call from journalists to SUE people like me. A friend who is a lawyer told me it is unlikely they would risk the investigation of a defamation suit due to things such as discovery depositions which they open themselves up to. I will provide update if any of the people in this blog contact me, which they can easily do through the contact link on this page… But alas, not a single communication has been made by the whole lot of them.

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What would be your first course of action if suddenly the internet [wrongly] thought you were a human trafficking pedophile? Just as many had suspected, the powers that be have now begun the process of removing PizzaGate from the internet. I honestly feel I have awoke to find myself in a bad nightmare; I see the difference between North Korea and America is more arbitrary than previously conceived. During the first days of the investigation, this blog was on the first page of Google search results. Even just a week ago when I searched, dcpizzgate.

That tells me this blog is effective in changing opinions, and it is therefore dangerous.

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Knowledge is power. Knowledge is a weapon. Just yesterday, former State Dept. He has long spoken out about pedophilia within American government. Since the false flag event, I have been getting some threats… Calling me a sick fuck, saying I should give out my address so people kind find me, etc. This blog is not meant to present all the evidence gathered; it is simply a red pill for normies. On December 7th, Quarter Branch posted on Facebook that they are closing permanently. Coincidence or guilty as sin? Thanks to the reader who sent me this tip. It takes a toll to be constantly gaslighted by the entire corporate media.

In the past week, New York Times has actually started deleting their own articles talking about already confirmed cases of worldwide PizzaGate. In addition to the recent pedo busts of Norway, Britain is experiencing its own version of PizzaGate: Operation Hydrant. Especially toward the end, it is as if she is speaking of PizzaGate media coverage exactly. Knowledge is power! I believe will be the year of a mass awakening, which is the only thing that can stop a force so ubiquitous.

Once Trump is in office, we must hold their feet to the fire with public outcry, protesting, petitions and whatever else we can do to gain public attention so that they do not sweep it under the rug. South Koreans recently took to the streets by millions when they found out their president was involved in a cult and claimed to be in contact with entities from the grave , which ended up in her impeachment in early December.

Do not forget the power we hold united. Not only will we be helping the children undergoing these horrific abuses, but if we succeed, we will help prevent the abuses of future children. There is so much evidence of a massive, protected pedophile and human trafficking ring that has been covered up by government and media dozens of times, but it is all meaningless if we do not force our law enforcement agencies to act. The time will soon be upon us, and I hope we can come together in organized effort to expose these beasts who walk among us. We must assure the law agencies that We the People will use our tax dollars to pay for the security and safety of those who help bring this powerful shadow cabal to justice.

Possibly even more interestingly, James Alefantis contacted Ryan who he had already been speaking with through Facebook messenger demanding the Pegasus video be taken down. Ryan also uploaded multiple other videos corroborating the evidence that the profile and phone number depicted is legitimately James Alefantis. This said, I am shocked to see James has now stooped this dangerously low, and I feel certain he knows his end in criminality is imminent. We all must stay hyper-vigilant during these last two weeks before Trump takes office.

They are going to go down kicking and screaming, and when they are most desperate I believe they are also most dangerous. Be safe, PizzaGate researchers and remember we are all in this together. On January 21st, OP PizzaGate will kick into high gear and we must be more vocal, more visible, more outraged than ever. They so badly want to silence this because it is only the pissed off masses which can ensure justice be brought. Well done! It was so good a segment that Wikileaks tweeted out a link to it and for the first time acknowledged PizzaGate by name.

This is a HUGE. Our real fight begins tomorrow. Buckle up, and share this video like wildfire. Very big life events are currently taking place for me, ones which I have worked very hard for years to reach, but I will avoid detail as to not out myself. Also, in all honesty, I just needed to step away for a bit. The darkness of this topic had made me lose almost all joy in life. Even during the darkness, I was not suicidal and never will be, so please remember that.